Online schools that offer teaching degrees?

By | August 20, 2015

Does anyone know of any approved the teaching of online college degree?

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3 thoughts on “Online schools that offer teaching degrees?

  1. TAT

    No and I do not know any states that will certify teachers with online degrees.

  2. Lee N

    California accepts Grand Canyon University’s Education degrees. However, you need to attend a traditional university (public or private) to earn you teaching credential.

    First, you need to check with your state’s board of education to see what degrees they will accept.

  3. Ima Vegan

    You can’t get a teaching degree online. Would you want to be taught by a teacher who learned to teach on the internet? Teachers have to be “student teachers” first, where we teach a class under the supervision of a master teacher. We have to do that for a full year. Even if there WERE an online teaching program, no school would hire you with that kind of degree. In this economy where teaching jobs are like gold, you’d be facing some pretty tough competition. California does NOT hire people with online degrees. I teach in California. In L.A. alone, they are laying off 1600 teachers. Don’t try to teach in California anytime soon.

    To be a teacher, you need a bachelor’s degree, a teaching credential (usually a 1-2 year program) and to pass the appropriate tests (multiple subject for elementary, single subject for secondary).

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