Online Schooling, how beneficial do u think it is?

By | November 13, 2015

A large number of college students are enrolled in online degree programs. Can someone explain/discuss what they believe are some advantages and disadvantages (to the students and society in general) of students getting degrees online instead of at traditional colleges.

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2 thoughts on “Online Schooling, how beneficial do u think it is?

  1. xxsanitiexx

    Working online is beneficial in many ways like you don’t have to waste gas driving to the college, you can do it on your own time, and mostly you’re never absent. But learning online doesn’t give you the chance to interact with people and make friends or connections. Usually in a classroom setting you will have to do projects that require partnering up with someone. It teaches you how to act with individual that you may need in life.

  2. Carey

    Good question. – It really depends on what degree you want. I feel most degrees (business related, management, ect.) can be done online as you don’t need to interact with people. If you want to be a nurse, ect. then I would never do it 100% online.

    Advantages of Online:
    1. easier
    2. study at your own pace
    3. no travel
    4. can be cheaper

    Disadvantages of Online
    1. no interaction with people
    2. don’t get the full college experience (parties, friends, ect.) This is important
    3. some of the schools are only after your money vs. traditional schools.

    Basically be sure you research the schools first and get all of the information about your degree before you start. We found a site that might help you.

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