Online School? Engineering Degree?

By | August 13, 2015

Ok, a couple questions.. First, are there any respectable online schools out there? It seems obvious that someone with a degree from an actual school is more qualified than one from an online school.. am I wrong?

I was thinking about going for a degree in mechanical engineering. Would that be possible online?

Another thing, what are online classes even like? If you have time can you get stuff done real quick or what?

Any help is appreciated. I’ll go to the university here when I get a chance and see what they have to say.
thanks, i’ll look into electrical engineering..

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2 thoughts on “Online School? Engineering Degree?

  1. Bill

    Respectable online schools exist eg Harvard Extension School:

    Online engineering degrees are very rare in my experience due to the practical component involved. I only know of one – and that is in electrical engineering.

    Online classes these days are a lot like attending classes. They post the lectures online and you do most things exactly the same. However those like engineering and nursing that have a practical component are obviously problematical.

    Here is the link to the online EE program I know of:

    SUNY schools are highly reputable and reliable.


  2. PE2008

    University of North Dakota has the only accredited USA fully online Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering (Online Master’s are common). “Fully Online” is not quite accurate, because enrolled students have to go on-campus occasionally for labs, etc. Completion will take about six years.

    Accreditation is crucial for an Engineering degrees. There are several worthless non-accredited online degrees in Engineering.

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