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By | November 16, 2015

Of Course, many people wonder if online education is right for them. Kaplan Continuing Education helps people who are interested in increasing their professional development and helps students set goals. All courses in the program are designed to give the student a sense of community, bringing other students and faculty together to collaborate and exchange ideas.

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11 thoughts on “Online Professional Continuing Education Programs Kaplan Continuing Education

  1. 2baseballfandingo

    I just received my acceptance letter! Looking forward to starting my continuing education online so I can get a professional job. What courses should I take?

  2. sszackslater4

    Online professional education courses saved my life. After being laid off from my job, I decided to take some online business courses. I now have a new career I could have never dreamed of. I highly recommend online continuing education. It is a great investment.

  3. kelkp63

    Hooray for Kaplan! Im now convinced that they can provide the professional development I am looking for!

  4. timmyvulmer

    Does anyone know if the value on an online college degree is comparable to a regular college degree? Im interested in continuing my education online but want to be sure that online courses are looked at the same by employers.

  5. ajschooler6

    Who knew that community presence was this strong in an online college? I thought that since the courses are online, there really wouldnt be that element of community but Kaplan really makes it easy to connect with other students. Im looking forward to continuing my education online and starting a new profession.

  6. 2baseballfandingo

    Anyone interested in professional development should watch this video. It answers many questions about online courses for continuing education and the speakers are professional and concise.

  7. sszackslater4

    Thanks Kaplan! I never realized that pursuing continuing education online could be so convenient. I went directly to their website where I learned more about their online courses and I cant wait to start. The tuition costs are much more affordable than campus colleges.

  8. kelkp63

    Im glad they focus on career based coursework, not just traditional studying from books. This is the key to professional development. In addition, taking courses online allows me to balance my professional career and my continuing education at once.

  9. timmyvulmer

    Fantastic! I was really dreading applying to an online college because I thought it would be a difficult process but this video really breaks it down into simple terms. I wasnt sure if pursuing continuing education online was the best way to go but I realized that I can really fit it into my schedule without any issues. I think this really is the best way to reach my career goals.

  10. ajschooler6

    My brother graduated from Kaplan last year to pursue a new career. He excelled in his online continuing education courses and is now a professional in a new field. He got a job he wanted before he even completed his degree program. Im now enrolling not only to enhance my professional development, but to challenge my mind.

  11. Breyonnaqza

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    I love it!

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