online nursing programs?

By | December 5, 2015

I am looking to do an 100% online program for nursing- What are the best online schools for nursing? I need to work on my associate degree, and move on from there- any suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “online nursing programs?

  1. cerealboxmyles

    For an associate degree there is no 100% online school, and if you find one I doubt you could apply for your license with it. You have to do a certain number of hours in clinicals at different hospitals which is impossible to do online. After you are an RN you could do your BSN and up 100% online.

  2. KC Girl

    People forget employers do look at the school they attended. You don’t want them to see that you had NO hands on clinical experience. they WON’T hire you, license or not!

  3. Jill

    There is only a small handful of completely 100% online courses and they are strictly for people who come from other medical careers, such as EMT.

    As someone with no medical background you will not find a 100% online program, because of licensure requirements which make you sit class time hours and perform in skills labs and have clinical hours requirements.

    You might find a program with some of your pre-reqs and gen. ed. courses available online, and perhaps a few nursing courses, but not all.

    The RN to BSN completion programs for existing RNs who hold an Associates Degee can be completed online.

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