By | September 18, 2015

one of the requirements to obtain a driver’s license is to take a driver’s education. I am planning to take it online. . but i don’t know if i should trust the websites. How do i know if it is DMV approved. Are there any online courses regarding Driver’s Ed? if so. . . please tll me :D

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  1. poonam2009

    pls go to ferrari driving
    i am one of the instructor.

  2. x.disenchanted

    What state do you live in? if it’s one of the states listed on, I would definitely say use this website. I signed up a few weeks ago, says its 30 hours but it really doesn’t take that long. I’m already 82% done. The tests are easy, and it’s certified. I got a discount because I was referred, 10% off $70 and you can get money for referring friends. If you wanna use me my code is [email protected]

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