Online degrees…please help!?

By | November 7, 2015

I would like to obtain a degree online. I have been looking for a couple years now, and still am unsure of what to pursue. What is the highest paying degree that is obtainable completely (or nearly completely) online? I would like links to the online universities that offer these degrees also. I am desperate to find a reputable school and get started at a real career!!

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3 thoughts on “Online degrees…please help!?

  1. PE2008

    University of North Dakota offers fully ABET-accredited degrees in Engineering, but they’re not totally online.

    The highest paying respectable online degree might be a TAC/ABET-accredited Bachelors’ degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. This is offered relatively cheaply by Excelsior College (the degree will say University of the State of New York). The same online degree is offered by DeVry, but at a much higher cost.

  2. Roath

    Although IT and Management had remained hot topics from quite a long time, still I will say that it will depend on the current market needs. e.g. looking at the iPhone craze these days, the application developer’s showed keen interest in iPhones and started producing it’s applications and of course it would have been beneficial for those (otherwise no one would have showed any interest in this field). So as the trend of the market needs change the value for a particular field also changes. If you are interested in Computer and IT field you can find a list of top reputed colleges on this page .

  3. Ronald M

    Obtaining an online degree in disciplines related to healthcare and business can be prolific. Stevens-Henager College offers undergraduate and graduate online degrees in healthcare and business. These degrees are offered in nursing, accounting, healthcare administration, health science, business administration and other popular fields. I would highly recommend these degree programs. To know more about these online degree programs, you can check their website.

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