Online degrees, are they credible?

By | September 1, 2015

I’ve been attending DeVry U. online for 2 years and will be graduating after 2 more semesters. I’ve heard good and bad things about online degrees. I’ve heard people say that they are great, but that they are not considered credible when it comes time to get a good job. Is it a matter of opinion or am I wasting money?

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4 thoughts on “Online degrees, are they credible?

  1. FireflyGirl10

    For the most part, no, they are not considered AS credible as a degree from a campus based university. Too many employers see these colleges as diploma/degree mills for them to be reputable. They are great for people who are in them because it’s so flexible, but so is an online program from a campus-based university/college, and those are perfectly reputable degrees. That’s not to say graduates of these programs NEVER get jobs because I’m sure some of them do, I’ve just never met them and none of my employers have ever hired someone with this type of degree- especially when they had other potential employees with degrees from campus-based schools.

    I’m sorry, but I think you wasted your money.

  2. PE2008

    Depends on the school and depends on the degree. For example, online DeVry degrees in Engineering Technology are TAC/ABET-accredited and are very credible. Other DeVry online degrees are not credible.

    In general, online degrees are not as credible as on-campus degrees. That is why online students are desperate to make sure the humiliating word “online” does not appear on their transcripts or sheepskin.

  3. Stone

    It depends on the institute from where you did your degree. Online degrees are no doubt reputable when earned from an accredited university and such degree holders are welcomed by the employers and increases their chances of getting hired. Here you can see the list of online universities which are accredited as well as well reputed in the job market.

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