online degree completion w/ WASC accreditation?

By | August 25, 2015

graduated from a community college in 1976 w/ an AS in business…recently laid off w/ a year’s severance and $5000 for education. Would like to complete my BS/BA degree, but would need an online program and it’s important that it be regionally accredited (like the WASC) so that it will be viewed as “legitimate”. I’m in CA, so that’s why I mentioned WASC. Also, would be fantastic if some of my 30+ years in management could be valued as course work? anyone out there have any suggestions? Appreciate your help!

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  1. CoachT

    The CalState system was nice enough to put all of their programs in one place so that you could find them easily.

    Also look at California Virtual Campus (includes community colleges) for some program or coursework ideas.

    If one of these isn’t to your liking then take a look at the search engine at Petersons

    As for your experience-to-credit options. The best options with greatest acceptability will the CLEP and DANTES standardized examinations. There are more than a few in the business areas but most are lower level – you’re likely to need upper level credit since you already have an AS.

    You should expect that much of your AS credit is not going to transfer in due to the age. You can certainly use the CLEP and DANTES route to validate that credit – don’t let a transfer refusal discourage.

    CLEP –
    DANTES –

    The cost of these exams is minimal compared to taking a full course and will validate any learning you already have.

    Take a look at “the Big Three” and see if they might meet your needs best. These have exceptionally liberal transfer requirements and very flexible degree requirements. You can do your coursework anywhere (cheapest or best; your choice) and transfer it in for the degree.
    Excelsior College
    Thomas Edison State College
    Charter Oak State College

    All three are regionally accredited and have the advantage that most others don’t that they have no residency requirement – you can transfer in the whole degree requirement. Excelsior also offers their own standardized examination series that can validate your existing experience.

    This should be a good start to your research.

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