online course or private college ????? for early childhood education.?

By | November 9, 2015

Ok here’s my problem…
I want to take early childhood education and be a daycare teacher but it’s hard to decide which is better to do, so I need you guys to help me.

choice # one: nscc online course.
-Take the course online but i’am not garenteed to finish it in 2years because courses get full and they get full fast online.
-I don’t know if i can get a student loan for online courses :S if not than I doubt i would be able to get the money in time before the classes are full.
- I think the girl said it will be about 375$ per course and theres 27 courses which is just over 10 grand.
-On the plus side I have 2 years worth of transfer credits to the university I like if i decide to go to univesity later on.

Choice # 2 Take it at a private college:
-It will cost me almost 12 grand for tution for the years.
-I will have to stay at rsidence since it isn’t that close to me so that will be about 11 grand but that’s food included. so right there thats about 23 grand.
- I can only get a year and a half worth of transfer credits to that same university.
- On the plus side I get to experience living at a residence and on my own.
- I could finish in the 2 years.
- It’s also much easier to learn from a teacher than learning stuff on your own.

What do you think would be a smart decision, I was thinking if me and my bf could get a morgage on a house between where I live and the school at least the money is being spent on having a house ut i would have to get a part time job to pay for food and gas, and it would be a 30 min drive which is fine with me but when the roads are bad I might end up having to skip some classes which I don’t want to do, so I don’t know im kinda stuck with deciding on what to do, please help me !!
oh yeah I’m scared about the 20 grand because im prob only going to make like 10-12 dollars an hour, so it will be hard to pay off that’s why I want to make the smarter choice.
sry i made alot of spelling mistakes i was typing fast lol

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One thought on “online course or private college ????? for early childhood education.?

  1. luckychuck74

    The first thing you need to do is make sure the schools are accredited. If one or both of them is not, then absolutely do not go there. It is stupid hard to transfer credits from a non-accredited school. Next, do you have the discipline to get your work done on your own if you do online courses? That is a big one. Also, do you need an instructor handy for quick questions? Some online schools only require the instructor to reply within 24 hours of when you asked your question. Meaning if you need help right away because your assignment is due, you may not get the help you need before you have to submit. Me personally, I like the online courses because i do not have to drive to a campus and I don’t have to be away from my family more than I already am. Hope this helps.

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