Online Colleges and Refund Checks – Ultimate Guide 2020

By | January 21, 2017

Some people would go to online schools, traditional universities or colleges, so the refund check to know?

What are refund checks?

It is a remaining amount by subtracting actual cost of university program from the total amount paid to university from different sources like student loan, scholarship, cash payment, any other financial aid.

How To Calculate Amount Of Refund Check

Lets say your total tuition fees for undergraduate program is $20000. You have already paid $18000 and got a scholarship of $5000 in last semester, than refund check will be calculated as follow

Total Amount Paid             $23000 ($18000 + $5000)
Less: Total Cost                   $20000
Refund Check                      $3000

What Universities or School Offer Refund Checks

Almost every university like kaplan, ashford, strayer, uc denver online etc offer refund checks to their students until and unless specified in their terms and services that refund will not be provided to students.

When Do College Refund Checks Come Out

Refund checks normally distributed after the completion of program. Most of the time it will appear like magic either in your bank account or delivered to your residence via post.

Additional Resources For Online Colleges That Offer Student Refund Checks

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3 thoughts on “Online Colleges and Refund Checks – Ultimate Guide 2020

  1. gui

    Delta College in Michigan offer student account balances must be paid prior to receiving any balance, loan or refund check.

  2. Chris O

    I know that University of Phoenix Online does, it’s the same thing as going to traditional colleges. Grants and loans pay for your tuition, books, etc and if there is left over they refund it to you.

  3. Gina 30

    I took Devry online classes an i receive a nice refund I heard the amp/apu do too????

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