Online Colleges, good or bad?

By | December 14, 2015

Anyone who has any information or website to tell online between the colleges and university campuses is the difference between the truth? What are the benefits of Network University? What is Negatvies? I already know a number of online colleges, people are not aware of the need to find things. What is credit? Not so the credit requirements? Please provide links and sources. Thanks in advance!

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2 thoughts on “Online Colleges, good or bad?

  1. Jaime D

    Think about it from the employers point of view, not from yours. Employers want graduates from good colleges, at least someone who went to a public state university.

    Someone who went to class, who interacted with people, who took real tests, someone who really made an effort to learn in the general courses as well as learn the things within their major. Online degrees are convenient but they are not taken seriously.

    If you must take online courses, take them from a community college or a university that offers them online as well as in their campus. Even when you take the online class, you still have to get to the college campus to take the tests because they want to monitor you when you take tests, midterms and the final exam.

    I know because my community college offers online classes, and you have to turn in your hw at the campus or through email, but for the tests, the midterms and finals you need to get down to the campus and take proctored tests.

    Also I don’t like having to wait for emails from my college professors. Its better to take the college class on campus so if you have a question then the professor can help you right away. I only take online classes when I have no other choice to fit in the class with my work schedule.

  2. Ashley

    well, my mom is getting her PhD online because of where the school is and where we live. The big thing is, it’s good if you are self motivated. If you aren’t motivated and you need to go to the class in order to do it, then online isn’t for you. Some people like it online and others don’t.

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