obstetrics nursing ..?

By | December 1, 2015

soo i want to be an obstetrics nurse
but i am having a really hard time looking it up online

is there anything you have to do different ?
can i just get my RN degree and define what i want to specialize in or do i have to like take a qualifying test .. ?

i am so sooo grateful to anyone that can help =

thank you

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  1. pretzypie

    OB nursing, like other fields of nursing, requires the wearing of many hats. The usual duties we are most familiar with are that of delivering babies and taking care of their mothers. However, their duties do not stop there. They help comfort anxious fathers and family members throughout the process of delivery; you may find them working in the nursery taken care of healthy newborns and those who are sick. An OB nurse also works with women suffering from postpartum depression.

    Step 1: Start the education process. First, work towards becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse. Once you have successfully obtained this degree you become employable in the nursing field in approximately two years.

    Step 2: Train in your field. Your next step is to gain working knowledge of your degree so that you develop necessary clinical skills that demonstrates your proficiency.

    Step 3: Continue your education. Now that you are an LPN and have some work experience under your belt, it is time to go back to school and continue working towards becoming an OB nurse. While you are working, start moving towards earning your Bachelor’s degree. Earning this degree puts you one step closer towards your dreams.

    Step 4: Increase your knowledge. While working on your BSN you now learn to do health assessments, nursing competency coursework, leadership, and resource management study and human processes in pathology just to name a few. All coursework aids you in preparation for becoming a Registered Nurse.

    Step 5: Hone your skills. Once you have your RN designation, it is now time to choose your field of specialty, in this case ob-gyn. If you want to work on the labor and delivery floor, you are ready to pursue your new career as an OB nurse. However, if your goal is more towards management, you will definitely need to pursue getting you BSN.

    I hope this helps answer your questions somewhat, however I would recommend that if you need further information that you phone your nearest hospital and ask them for assistance as far as which course(s) you may need to take or to phone you nearest university and check with them on course information etc.

    All the best, I think you are entering into a really great career! :)

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