Now You Know: Marié Digby (FULL Interview with Nicki Sun)

By | December 10, 2015

On Saturday, April 3rd, 2010, Marié Digby graced the Zellerbach Hall stage at UC Berkeley for the Cal Do Something “Rock Your Cause” concert, which allowed concert-goers to donate their ticket price to one of eleven charities. I was granted a special interview on behalf of Kollaboration SF with the talented singer/songwriter during her soundcheck and got to catch up with her during this very laid-back interview which highlighted Marié’s fun, compassionate, and loving spirit! Definitely watch the FULL interview! There will be DANCING and talks of a CRUSH!!! A special THANK YOU to Jennifer Allison Tran and Frank Hwang (ice1cube) for submitting questions used and Tim Huey for helping to film the interview! And of course, my thanks to Kollaboration, Jane Alo, Joanna Kim, and Jimmy Chen for making this possible! This interview also marks the THIRD episode of my “Now You Know” show (Artists Series). Previous guests have been Gabe Bondoc and Tyler Weinrich :) ————– AND MOST IMPORTANT! CHECK OUT KOLLABORATION SF THIS SAT., APRIL 10TH AT THE SF PALACE OF FINE ARTS!!! Tickets and more info: Hope to see you there! I will be there

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25 thoughts on “Now You Know: Marié Digby (FULL Interview with Nicki Sun)

  1. uberlyhandsome

    sad how racist whites dont let the asians into the mainstream

  2. HoboAkuma

    !! Poke mon of America are treated badly? but they are so cute ^_^

  3. bluewishes22

    10 stars for marie’ dancing!!

  4. aceeeboy

    she so cool..hahah i never expected her to be like

  5. lareluna

    There are lot’s of asian american who are very talented. :) Good intervie by the way!

  6. nickisun

    @Cox303 Thank you Patrick! I just found the video you were referring to. Wow, Alice radio. I am no big corporation, but maybe one day :D Thanks for watching! :D

  7. Cox303

    Pretty wicked interview Nicki. Real laid back and fun to watch. I’d say it was on par with the Hooman interview a few years back…and that was a great one. You definitely need to get MD again the next time she’s in SF.

  8. dtvann

    never seen anyone looking that good in orange <3 marie’s gorgeous

  9. nickisun

    @ice1cube cause you submitted a question and I want you to know that you are appreciated for it!

  10. nickisun

    @ice1cube That was my favorite quote from her too! ahahahahah that made me laugh so hard even more rewatching it :D If you were there, we would have had an even MORE fun interview! :D

  11. ice1cube



    nicki :)

  12. ice1cube

    LOL I LOVEDD LOVEDDDD ITTTTT. you guys are BOTH SO DOWN TO EARTH. nicki you are great :) marie is great tooooooooo. LOL

    “hands in the air is automatically 30% more fun” HAHAHHAHAHAHA

    ugh. i wish i could’ve been there!!!!!!! lol omygoodness nicki.

  13. Serenity09T

    @nickisun NOPE thank YOU for sharing with the MD nerds, lol (in a good way of course)

  14. nickisun

    @Serenity09T Aww thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed watching the interview!! Much love to you Tammy! :D

  15. Serenity09T

    Nicki loveddddd this interview as Ken said previously it felt soooo real and really just like a chat between two friends, gave me a completely different breeze to the usual boring interviews and Marié seemed to love it too.
    Thank you for sharing and glad u support MDizzle as much as we do.

  16. eylinprez

    I love the dance portion, LOL.. I love Marie Digby… She is so talented and has a kind heart for everybody…

  17. nickisun

    @redlinebb4 Thanks, Ken! I tried to ask different questions and tried avoiding YouTube stuff since there is SO much more to learn about MIss Digby! I thank you for taking the time to watch it! :D Much love to you!

  18. Aizenxcs

    Marié Digby : You are AWESOME.
    Greetings from Veracruz, Mexico.

  19. redlinebb4

    Dang you really banged that interview out, good job Nicki! You can tell you’re a big fan because you avoided asking a lot of the same questions we usually hear in previous interviews. Thanks for getting this uploaded to Youtube so quickly!

  20. AkariLee

    aww i missed it!! I was in town too!

  21. redeljann

    dont you feel! feeel feeeel, show me show me speak up and tell me something….change my mind before its too late, are you alive show meee ur human….:) <3

  22. nickisun

    @geefeeny Thanks, Gephine! It’s all cause Jen is one of my inspirations too :)

  23. geefeeny

    LOVE that you asked her about music therapy! :)

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