Need help in choosing online colleges?

By | November 2, 2015

I’m having a bit of medication, but I don’t want to make my study to slow down. I need good online colleges.

I’m kinda new to online colleges can you let me know what do I have to do? (everything i have to know)

Thank you very much.

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6 thoughts on “Need help in choosing online colleges?

  1. inge.lopez

    becarefull some online colleges are not regconized in work feild or when tryin to transfer credits

  2. Suba

    If you are already in college, your school probably offers some online courses. Check out their website, look for “distance learning” and “web courses”.

    If at all possible avoid private online colleges. They’re a rip-off, some credits won’t transfer back to a “real” college, so you’d be just wasting your time and money anyway.

  3. PE2008

    An online degree from a reputable “brick & mortar” school is the best option if you must have an online degree.

    Two 100% online colleges with decent reputations are:
    Western Governors University
    Athabasca University

    AVOID University of Phoenix.
    Ashford University is another worthless school with a bad reputation.
    “CalUniversity” is a third, totally worthless school, lacking basic regional accreditation.

    All three schools will get your job application thrown in the trash.

  4. sarah

    I just enrolled into an online college. Ashford University. You can go to the website and check out the website and even request information. Pretty much applying to an online college is the same as any other college.
    Just to let you know if you are planning to get an Associates degree Ashford only offers a AA in Business. But if you are planning on getting a Bachelors or Masters degree then you have more options.
    I hope this helped!

  5. Rising S

    As of now I know is a good online college which offers distance learning programs, admission’s counselors will make your education experience smoother and easier than you ever thought possible. You can take up any of the new courses among several Masters and Doctorate programs available.

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