My parents misjudge him and dislike him..what shoud I do?

By | August 16, 2015

I met this guy on an interracial site I joined years ago. We began talking in December and became fast friends. By January we decided we wanted to meet and we did and all went well. I told my parents that I met a guy online…didn’t go well. However, they allowed me to pick him up from the airport. Only thing was that I had to go out in groups…great idea to me. I also wanted them to meet him so they would realize that he’s a good guy, however, they met him and don’t like him. They say he’s only a tech guy in the Air Force, working on engines and since I graduated with a degree, he’s not good enough. They don’t believe he is taking classes in the military. They say he’s too young, though we’re both the same age. And they also say he has poor speech though I thought it was just obvious that he was nervous…who wouldn’t be. I like this guy….he was even trying to move to be nearer to be since he’ll be eligible to transfer soon. What can I do? Any advice?

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11 thoughts on “My parents misjudge him and dislike him..what shoud I do?

  1. Peter H

    Find someone that your parents like if you want to marry them – otherwise, look for a long term mate that will make YOU happy.

  2. social_buttrfly18

    idon’t even have to read the extra info. do what you think is right

  3. r.p.

    You need to tell your parents everything you said on here. That may not change their minds, but they will know what you think. It will ultimately be your decision, and they need to know that you want their approval and respect for your decision. Be kind and respectful of their opinions as well. Sometimes parents know more than we give them credit for…

  4. pinkyismygirlfriendniluvhur

    If you like your parents and value their opinion, and if THEY have a good relationship themselves, then ask them WHY they think its a bad idea.

    Then do what you want anyway, tell them “you are entitled to your opinion” or something like that

    if they haven’t earned any trust or respect, just do what you want, without even asking their advice

  5. missingora

    You must be old enough to make your own decisions if you have a degree (college, I assume?). But what do you mean by “too young”….??? Too young for what? To be good friends? To become lovers? Get married? Since your parents are upset, there must be something you haven’t considered that they have noticed. Or they may just know him well enough yet to know if he is honorable, trustworthy. Whatever you do, TAKE IT SLOWLY!!

  6. WaronTerror

    As long as he’s doing the things your parents are worried about i.e. taking classes, doing things for you, sounds educated when you are together, then it’s ok to go for it. Otherwise, ditch him, they are your parents for a reason! :) Good Luck

  7. Cookies

    so what, my bf is a sgt. in the army and i have my degree. and im blk and he is white. i think the fact that you met him on the net has your parents on edge. it’s really hard to trust people now and days. you parents might see something in him that you dont. and trust me, a lot of military guys just want sex. they probably know that. well..your friends are probably just hatin on you. talk to your parents and ask them what they dont like about him. maybe get your parents to talk to him on the phone a lot. maybe they will warm up to him.

  8. tcc_00676

    hes a nice human being…whats the problem i dont see 1…oh they want him to make more money thats what they mean by not good enough… u study him 1st b 4 marrage get to know him better

  9. bebered123

    if he makes you happy stick it out in the end he will marry you not your parents so tell them to deal with it…if he makes you happy you never know what may happen….if you leave him because of your parents, yes you might find the person your parents are looking for but they might not make you happy and turn out to be trash…….your happiness comes first and if your parents loved you they will not take away your happiness…yes they are looking out but hey if its something you have to go thru let it be a lesson learned if it doesnt go they way planned….but remember its you and him not you him and your parents

  10. Julie Luv

    Well, I would suggest that you listen to your parents and continue to date him. Your parents may not like him, but if he is a good guy he will prove that over time. It is important however, that you continue to listen to your parents. I hate to say it , but usually parents are a good judge of character. At the end of the day it is your life and you make your own decisions(unless you are under 18).

  11. Marie H

    I am sure you are frustrated with your siuation, but I would NOT date him on a 1 on 1 until he has proved himself. True love WAITS. Continue to date in groups and do not consent to pre marital sexual relations with him.
    If he is sincere your parents will soften.

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