moving to the middle east?

By | October 3, 2015

Hi! how do i go about moving to Egypt / Jordan or Syria ? in terms of finding work and a place to stay. I’ve got a husband and 3 little kids with me so I need to have some things secured before leaving here…my husband would like to teach english there,for starters anyway..i’m finishing my online degree at the moment..i need practical suggestions pelase – like : this is the best way to find a flat, these are some numbers for the schools that employ foreign teachers etc… thanks!

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  1. live4akhirah

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any specific answers, but hopefully I can give you some ideas on where to look…

    Look for expatriate forums online. There are many, and some are active, and some are old.

    Look for yahoo groups of expats living in the countries you want to go to.

    I know that Egypt has a large community of Americans living there. Surely, you will be able to find a contact through searching online. Try posting a question in the Egypt section to try to find a contact or yahoo group.

    For jobs, search and apply online. Look for international schools in the countries you want to go to, and then contact them directly through phone or email your resume to them.

    If your husband gets a good job as a teacher, then his contract may come with housing or a housing stipend. In that case, the school will help you to find a place to live or at least give you some good suggestions. So, I would focus on finding a job first…

    It will take a lot of research and time to get everything in order to make your move. Good luck, and I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  2. dave

    It depends on where you are from.
    Here in Jordan as a foreigner you need to get a
    1.residence permit permit .
    for most foreigners ( western countries ) you can easily get into Jordan , you get the visa ( tourist visa ) at the airport which is issued for a duration of 3 months . But it doesn’t entitle you to work !
    Whilst here , you could apply to schools, Private schools that is and I think there is a good chance for a Job for a Native speaker of English or French at some schools .
    But would you take this chance , for a might be ?
    You could google ( education Jordan or schools Jordan ) and take up contact with some of these institution before even thinking of coming over.
    Furthermore , i think the first and best move would be contacting your countries embassy in Jordan or the any other country you want to go to .
    And the big question : Is the pay good enough ???

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