Moving to Atlanta..I have some questions about the area and moving?

By | September 26, 2015

1. I’m planning to attend Perimeter College in Dunwoody (to finish my dental hygiene degree). What are the cheapest areas to live in the Dunwoody area? I don’t want to drive more than 10 or so miles to school. I’m totally unfamiliar with the area.

2. Is Sandy Springs close? I have some friends that live there and they really love it. What about Brookhaven? Marietta?

3. I’ve been looking at apartments online and I’m beginning to get overwhelmed. I am driving up in about 1 week to look at apartments but I just don’t know where to start. What do you suggest I do so that I don’t go absolutely insane looking for a place? I’m trying to keep rent at $600 or less.

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3 thoughts on “Moving to Atlanta..I have some questions about the area and moving?

  1. Meredith

    I was just by Perimeter College last week…. (It looks like a nice school!)

    Unfortunately, I’m not that familiar with the area so I can’t speak definitively, but I think you’ll be better off finding an apartment in Sandy Springs, than you will in Dunwoody. Brookhaven I believe is expensive and Marietta (where I live) may be more of a commute than you’d like.

    When you arrive, make sure your friends are available to go around with you, looking at apartments. I took a friend to look at apts. in Sandy Springs — I think there were a bunch on Roswell Road — and she saw plenty that she liked. Your challenge is staying within your budget. $600, unless you find an older place with few amenities, will be tough.

    Good luck. I think you’ll like it here!

  2. readytomove

    I visited the area a couple of years ago, with plans to hopefully move to the area you speak of. I can’t answer the other questions on your list, but I can tell you that Sandy Springs is in close proximity to Dunwoody. We absolutely LOVED the area.

  3. mccoyblues

    I suggest you look at the location of your school (since that is the focus of your move right now) and fan out in a radius acceptable to the commute you want to make. I personally think 10 miles is an unreasonable expectation for the area. But if your school is near the train station you always have the option to commute by rail.

    But before you begin let me tell you that Atlanta is a big city, short commutes are the exception, not the rule. Dunwoody is a high rent district. Very upscale homes so it may not be too cheap. same with Sandy Springs. Roswell is more affordable. Forget Brookhaven unless you’ve got a lot of money.

    $600 or less is also a very unreasonable expectation for the area. Most modern apartments in the Atlanta area in a safe neighborhood will cost you a lot more than that.

    If you have any friends in the area I would suggest you sit down with them and map out a plan to drive around, have a good look at the area, find your school and look at some properties for rent nearby. I think you are going to find out you’ll need to drive a little further and spend a little more than you want to.

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