mommies, is studying online a better option with a toddler?

By | November 13, 2015

I want to complete a master of counselling psychology. It seems as though most universities offer it as two years full time. However, I would like to quit my full time job and stay home with my toddler while completing an online program. I just want to make sure it is reputable … any advice? Do you know of any good websites?

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2 thoughts on “mommies, is studying online a better option with a toddler?

  1. Flo

    Well, first off, I would not look for a website advertising colleges. Or do some weird national online school deal. Your local colleges and tech schools almost certainly have online classes and programs. Which would be the only way I would go.
    Secondly, an entirely online degree often is not respected by employers. Because honestly, you can use your books for everything and may or may not even be the person who completed the work. Also, online learning poses challenges for people who have problems being organized, for visual learners, and procrastinators.
    I have been a full time student for over a year now. I have one child and am 37 weeks with my second. This semester, my third, is the first I have taken any online classes. I find then much more difficult. On one occasion I needed help. I had to e-mail the instructor then wait for a reply that wasn’t the least bit helpful.

    I would recommend making appointments with academic advisers in your area. And would highly recommend taking some on campus classes blended with online.

  2. EC Expert

    Online classes sound easy, but it can be very hard to concentrate with a child around, or to find time to do the work. You are better off taking a class or two on campus where you can focus on the program and your needs. Also, who gives the online classes? Is it a reputable college, or a for-profit organization? Some of those are pretty dicey.

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