MIT OpenCourseWare Staff Pick – September 2009

By | September 8, 2015

MIT OpenCourseWare staff member talks about 2.00B Toy Product Design, Spring 2008. View the complete course at: License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at

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13 thoughts on “MIT OpenCourseWare Staff Pick – September 2009

  1. badbuddhist

    You guys are going to CRUSH Santa’s elves.

  2. WhyYouDoThisToMe

    It looks like the folks at MIT have discovered how to make learning fun for a change.

  3. bin952

    A world class program you put together. USA needs to manufacture and export to other countries. Anything towards that end is great. Plus you have fun, and make KIDs happy. Keep on supporting the manufacturing industry MIT. Thanks.

  4. o0Navras0o

    Thank you for uploading these open courses! I went through all of your videos, and I realized that almost all of them are about mathematics or physics. I’d be great if you could upload courses about education, psychology, sociology and languages. Congratulations and thanks again!

  5. haxforcandy

    Yeah, ok, well. . . the last time i checked toy’s are to make people happy, specifically kids. And the U.S has more resources then they know what to do with so recycling in our country isn’t nearly as big of a problem as say japan, we need to export more then anything. If you actually care about what your kids want maybe they will care about what the world needs when they grow up. The next generation for the next 1000+ years doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

  6. pcuimac

    Now i know where all those plastic shit originates from.
    What about toys that have a lasting worth to children and environment?
    These products will all go down the drain and make the land fills bigger and bigger.
    The next three generation will have to spend much time to excavate all this trash and recycle it to get the raw materials back we wasted on new fabricated trash.

  7. Jiraya12345

    Toy lab at MIT? Just more proof that MIT students never grow up.

  8. Human4D

    MIT has some cool courses. Very interesting !

  9. RylyC

    Return of the Jedi? R2D2 launches luke his light saber. Nice vid by the way, but as interesting as the course looks, I think I’ll stick to the mathematics vids.

  10. valcaron

    What are you doing with a light saber, R2D2?
    You’re a robot. Robots don’t use light sabers.
    You’re not even a Jedi, silly robot.

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