Military to cop ? anyone done it ?

By | October 9, 2015

I am 21 yrs old serving in the active army. Airborne infantry. I am stationed at ft Richardson in Alaska. My question is this. I have 3 yrs n Il be out. I want to get my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice online in these next 3 yrs. N I want to start a career in law enforcement when I get out. Now has anyone in the military done what I just said ? Is it even possible ? Preferably someone in combat arms because our schedules would be almost the same. Lastly do you think I will be able to.get a job in the civilian world with this degree ? Whether it be a corrections officer, or security, or a police officer. Any advice on schools or time management or anything else would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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5 thoughts on “Military to cop ? anyone done it ?

  1. tro

    of course, you will find a good portion of law enforcement personnel are former military

  2. Lun

    I’m pretty sure you can. Military experience is a plus for jobs such as those (in fact, some prefer it)

  3. Sigma

    a lot of people who were in the military have joined law enforcement. in some ways it’s probably prefered too

  4. John U

    You can do that and in most cases you won’t even need a degree but it helps. I did it as a former MP. My buddy I joined with from High school was Artillery then had some job inspecting ammo as ASP’s and he worked for a PD in florida for five years after he retired. It’s a b** getting through the academy at 40 but we both did it but in your case if you want it you will have a good resume’ to start getting hired with provided you keep your nose clean in the meantime. Many folks go into LE after the military. AF, Marines, Army, Navy etc and they all did various jobs in the military too. The military alone gives you a leg up as you should be physically fit (the academy is a no joke scenario, pretty close to basic training), have some self discipline, drug free, no criminal record etc. and the military alone gives you that regardless if you were a truck driver or a sonar operator of Infantry or whatever. Keep working toward the goal and if you want a career in LE after you get out you are on the right track. It’s not easy to get on but your making it easier for yourself as you go along from what you are doing to prepare.

  5. Cook MC

    Yes a lot of guys become cops after they get out. You also get veterans preference while applying which can wave 30 credit hours from school.

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