Men in Tights – UC Men’s Octet

By | August 29, 2015

The UC Men’s Octet from UC Berkeley performing Men in Tights at the West Coast A Cappella Showcase on Sunday Novmeber 16, 2008.

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19 thoughts on “Men in Tights – UC Men’s Octet

  1. DefinitelyNotNoah

    “We go around the forest looking for fights! YESSS!

  2. RhapRhap9

    that was awesome!! i’m glad we’re doing this piece for our spring concert!!

  3. smokingneko

    “Except for him” sadfhaskjdfh aHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH OMG HAHAHAHAHA GREAT!!!

  4. Enchantedlosernight1

    We’re men…except for him…We’re men in Tights!
    Haha XD

  5. Tacofreak

    With this song you have successfully stolen my heart! You guys freakin rock!!!!!

  6. Flossert

    the guys from pass their exams and are finished now..
    so there came some new guys..
    and yeah your right.. these are not so good.
    sorry i have to say this, but you can beter say the true!

  7. kayohed

    I love this video. This is what I call real entertainment. Great voices and awesome stage personality. =]

  8. mylilsevi075

    OMG! the video is synced! that makes me happy =D

  9. GerryP607

    Wow, both this song and “I’ll Be” were performed by the Octet just a few years ago at West Coast. . . and much better back then too. What happened.

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