Looking for reviews or recommendation for online TESOL courses?

By | September 11, 2015

Leaving in May to backpack southeast asia. I have a friend teaching english in Taiwan and I would like to be prepared if I decide to stay and read that a TESOL certification really helps when applying. Especially if I don’t have a college degree yet…
But I leave in May and I originally looked at the Oxford Seminars certification. I have missed the course by a week and the next one does start until a month after I leave, so now I’m thinking of online certification. What are some of the more inexpensive yet valid courses? If any certification will get you a job and there isn’t too much politics with getting certified from specific places then I’m all for the cheap one that is a breeze though. But I would definitely prefer to actually go through a REAL program and learn some things.
So yeah… feed back? Suggestions? Anything…

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2 thoughts on “Looking for reviews or recommendation for online TESOL courses?


    Take a look at the ICAL course – we’ve been running it since 1998 and it’s one of the most respected online courses out there and is very practical, teaching you everything from lesson planning to finding work and classroom discipline.

    http://icalweb.com – it’s 265 USD

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