Lec 26 | MIT 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002

By | August 10, 2015

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25 thoughts on “Lec 26 | MIT 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002

  1. 11jordy13

    I wish my physics prof was as good as this guy….

  2. dibthoj

    damn. i have a headache just looking at all the work.

  3. kristiankroflin

    hitting the wrong keys on a piano is so systematically that it also follows a
    grammar, it follows laws.

  4. kristiankroflin

    The diffrence between the “x”es is that the first is on a higher scale as the “x” in the replacement appears on a lower one and is only a part of the first x.

  5. kristiankroflin

    A problem that hasn´t been cleared out yet in physics is to name when homonyms (same word for different things) and when synonyms
    (differnt words for th same thing) are used. Mr. Lewin often speaks of “don´t confuse “this” with “that”" when synonyms are used and of “this is exactly the same as this but named differently”.

    Example here: in the beginning he replaces “x” with “x – 6t”. Here the both “x” stand for diffrent things and therefore the “x” is a homonym (same name, different thing). .

  6. Naam19

    wtf man you see race in everything….What does jew has to do with anything dummy?

  7. goodluckpeace44

    haa some street mucicians dont care what length they only care about the melody as a whole, and they might make some complex melodies than educated mucicians. . Music is more about talent and skills experience than lot of book knowlagge. But the same is true for a great mathematician, he might go ahead and invent new things even before he goes to univercity.

  8. dsmith1427

    Another excellent lecture. Thank you Dr. Lewin and MIT!

  9. joeydifranco0422

    actually thats a dutch accent. hes dutch,

  10. fingerboy18

    Two things I love. Music and engineering. Physics is acceptable :)

  11. BrendanM29

    Omg! You’re totally right. I noticed it right away.

  12. friendschampionship

    33:44 – That’s Epona’s Song, from Zelda hauhauha XD

  13. OKieMusician

    I could listen to the saxaphone player all day lol This was a very interesting lecture! I liked it a lot!

  14. kavoos1000

    he is great , by the way of course he is a jew!! his accent tells it hahaha, and his whole preasentation! thanks once again !

  15. jfoster33702

    ^^ hah, and I ALMOST got you on that one as well..

  16. nessaile

    Alas! Another moron trying to take the lunguistic high ground, yet ending up making a fool of himself seeing as ‘learnt’ is perfectly correct.

  17. tolsonw

    thanks so much for these videos, electricity and magnetism is my favorite hobby / obsession

  18. jfoster33702

    I was commenting on the use of “learnt” in the comment below. Just funny to read, “i learnt a lot from thsi lecture”.

    So… what are YOU talking about?

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