Lec 2 | MIT 5.95J Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering, Spring 2009

By | December 22, 2011

Lecture 2: Teaching equations See the complete course at: ocw.mit.edu License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at ocw.mit.edu More courses at ocw.mit.edu

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8 thoughts on “Lec 2 | MIT 5.95J Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering, Spring 2009

  1. honeybbqgrundle

    I think a lot of community colleges will have lecturers with only master’s degrees, but for the most part you’re right.

  2. Warisover100

    Most college these days use Chalk boards O.o

  3. Warisover100

    No.. PHD degrees to Teach College courses O.o

  4. honeybbqgrundle

    I’m also a little confused, but not for the same reason as this guy. Doesn’t one need at least a Master’s to teach college level courses?

    I wouldn’t expect some of those comments and questions from graduate students in science.

  5. spoozy

    i haven’t seen anyone use a chalkboard since elementary school

  6. Warisover100

    Im a 9th grader.. Lol i dont know wht he talking about and what’s the purpose of this course xD

  7. Waranle

    @Wcoltd let me ask you something, any chance that you are a woman? lol

  8. Wcoltd

    Teaching should be about making people wonder about something, I like Walther Levin, where the style of teaching is much more original, he says “I am going to blow your mind” and he shows the class a contraption and he leaves them to wonder about how it works.

    I also like to watch videos with Richard Feynman where he asks the question what keeps the train on the tracks? and he describes the shape of the wheel – and it all seems so interesting and elegant.

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