Lec 15 | MIT 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002

By | August 30, 2015

Ampere’s Law Solenoids Revisit the Kelvin Water Dropper Midterm Evaluation View the complete course at: ocw.mit.edu License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at ocw.mit.edu More courses at ocw.mit.edu

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21 thoughts on “Lec 15 | MIT 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002

  1. marlonseb

    But gravity says: “Sorry! You can’t do it! I force you down!” hahah best professor ever!

  2. 1987dman

    he is saying that he’s got a bigger penis than you.

  3. panchoavendano

    at 1:49 is wrong, you ned a 2 phi r, that is the diameter of that circul

  4. 1V10ntyPyth0n

    as long as you have L>>r the radius of the solenoid will not affekt the magnatic field (in very good approximation). The magnatic field is acually only proportional to the current you run throug the solenoid and the density of the windings (N/L).

  5. Naam19

    For a magnetic field around a conducting wire,the magnetic field is inversely proportional to the radius and proportional to the current in the wire.That means that for radius=infinity,you have magnetic field density equal to zero..

    He gives actually a formula at 00:48
    Great lectures.

  6. NeedsEvidence

    This is only true in the sense that a thinner solenoid with same current allows you to mechanically come closer to r=0. But given a specific r which corresponds to a point outside both a thin and a thick solenoid, the value for the B field will remain the same.

  7. NeedsEvidence

    You mean the B field outside the solenoid? As long as the enclosed current is the same, it doesn’t affect the field.

  8. SheikahZeo

    B falls off with 1/r so i’d say yes, a tight set of coils should contribute to a strong magnetic field.

  9. kazumawarren

    does the radius of a solenoid affect the magnetic field..?

  10. psychobollox

    yeh but he wasn’t one of my lecturers…

  11. goodluckpeace44

    well issac newton was british wasn’t he? what do you mean?

  12. wesleychang1463

    Wow this guy is very adept at explaining the concepts.

  13. shaitan0

    Walter Lewin has helped me getting through my Physics exams many times… It’s a very nice iniciative of MIT and to put the videos onto you tube is very good, and made it much more prectical.
    Maybe some day I’ll go to study at MIT.

  14. psychobollox

    this man is SO IN LOVE with physics!!!!

    some of my lecturers were also passionate about it but – being british – they weren’t as … exuberant … about it. so seeing this guy being SO obviously in love with his subject…

    ah… so refreshing!

  15. KumaKun

    Amazing professor, thanks to MIT for uploading lectures onto youtube. My professor barely explained solenoids so this was helpful. lol at 40:05, he’s being mean to a battery.

  16. metalminded

    You are smarter than the kids at m.i.t.
    Im sure you dutch people are fantastic engineers so I wonder why a genius kid like you is watching such simple vieos

  17. hassanzahid91

    i wish to attend one of his lectures
    hes the best

  18. pintrieri41

    Walter Lewin is the best physics lecturer I have ever had the pleasure to attend.

  19. sambuchi

    Its a great video.. I could only wish I had a professor who was that excited about physics as Walter Lewin.

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