Law Degree and working full time?

By | August 22, 2015

Hello I wanted to know I am a college sophomore and my major is history and i plan on minoring in Economics and Spanish but I also want a law degree. After i complete my tenure at college and i start working full time Is it possible to teach during the day and take law classes at night or online? Since teachers also have that summer period of 3 months should I go then? How many credits is a part timer and how long will it take if I continue this way? I am 19 now so if everything goes right how old would i be when all is said and done 35 i am assuming but i’m not sure. Is this realistic and do other people do this? How much work must a teacher do and are you’re weekends usually free or do you spend them doing lesson plans and grading? Do you think that the workload will be too much I will be hopefully teaching high school history and economics.
Thanks for your time and patience

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  1. signaleerodayear

    Most law school do not recommend working while you are attending law school, the course load is very high. Also, law schools admit students in cohorts, this way you will be with the same people in the same classes and it will help you after law school because these people will be your colleagues and you will see them in court, in depositions, etc. Some law schools have first year programs for single parents or people who want/need to work while in school and most are fine with you working after the first year. First year law school is very tough, if you make it through, then second year is a little easier and the third year you essentially specialize (and usually do an internship). I am sure it is possible, but you might consider teaching part time while you go to law school. I am not sure if you do law school part time but probably five classes a semester is considered full time and it takes three years. I think doing summer classes is feasible but you will need to check with the school to see if it even offers summer classes.

    Good luck to you and you are very ambitious!! Good for you!!

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