Job at hospital in medical records. degrees?

By | October 24, 2015

Job at hospital in medical records?
Im currently getting my assosiates in healthcare admin with emphasis in medical records. I DO NOT want to work from home or do billing and coding. I want to work in the med rocords dept. at the hospital or doc. office. I was told after my first semester in school i could get an entry level position or maybe internship. I want something more though to ensure this like a diploma or certificate on top of my degree. My school doesnt offer these and i saw some places online but Im not sure what to do. SO….Here are my questions…..

1. Where can i get an online certificate or diploma that will help (not degree).
2. what should the diploma/certificate be? like what would help, management skills, or what.
3.what ARE the academic requirements to get a job in the medical records office. can i really get hired while im still in school?
4. should i take extra classes, and if so, which ones?

Thanks! Ill give good points!

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2 thoughts on “Job at hospital in medical records. degrees?

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    veterans administration hospitals have part time temporary jobs. aperson would have to call to find out what jobs are available and while working there aperson can bid on higher paying jobs after schooling.

  2. RoaringMice

    I have family members working in medical records at major hospitals. At some hospitals, you’re already qualified to get your first job in the field, because you’re working on the degree. It will be an entry-level job, not very flashy or exciting or highly paid, but it will also be important experience, and it’ll look good on your resume.

    In general, in order to get a higher level job, having even an entry level type job in the field now, while you’re studying, will help. And with an associates, I’d rather you work in the field for a while, and then go back for more education; rather than jump into some sort of certificate program at this point. The work experience is going to count for a lot. I’m not sure that a certificate in addition to your associates degree will help.

    In fact, if a full job doesn’t work for you, can you get a co-op or internship in the field now, while you’re studying, or get a part-time job in the field? Having such an experience on your resume will make it easier for you to find a good job when you graduate.

    The academic requirements depend on the job you’ll be doing. So for an entry level job, you really could get one now, based on the education you’re pursuing. To move into management, having the associates will be helpful, and in fact, a bachelor’s would help – but you don’t need that right now. Work first, explore the field, see what jobs appeal to you. See what education is required to get to that level, if it’s more than an associates. Only then pursue that education.

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