Is this a weird or foolish plan?

By | November 10, 2015

I am 23, about to graduate with my bachelors in anthropology and psychology. I absolutely love anthropology, and plan to do my graduate degree online over several years. In the meantime, I have an interest in teeth and would like to complete a certified dental assisting program, work for a year or two then complete a nearby dental hygiene bridge program. Anthropology is definitely my passion but the most I’ll ever be able to do with it is teach occasionally as an adjunct. Is this a totally bizarre or foolish path to take? Will it be hard to get hired as a CDA because I’m “overqualified?” Will being an anthropologist intimidate the dentists? Help is appreciated! : O

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One thought on “Is this a weird or foolish plan?

  1. LesYeux8

    I think that it’s awesome you’re following all of your passions in this way. I think if anything, you’ll be well rounded. This can be helpful in your career, as you’ll have mobility to move between different fields if you choose to do so. Or, perhaps you could do both types of work at the same time – be a dental hygienist and teach anthropology part time. You could even combine the two fields of study and be like a forensic anthropologist (studying the dental remains of fossilized humans to learn how dental health was back a long time ago).

    You are beautiful my friend. Good luck! And remember, it’s what you make of it.

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