Is the ITT Technical Institute Project Management BA degree legitimate?

By | August 16, 2015

So I want to enroll at ITT Technical Institute because it is one of the only non university schools in my area that offers a four year project management degree. The ITT Tech website seems very legitimate and informative, but I have read a lot of bad complaints online about how they scam people for money because they are a “for profit” private school, the teachers aren’t the best, and basically employers will laugh at your schooling if they saw you received a degree from here. So is there anything good about this school? Is it really harmful to your education? Or is there anyone who has gone there and had no trouble at all? I have a meeting with a recruiter there later this week, so I would like to get opinions before I go! Please give detailed answers. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Is the ITT Technical Institute Project Management BA degree legitimate?

  1. PE2008

    ITT has no business offering four year degrees. ITT is not regionally accredited. Many employers will not accept an ITT degree — they will throw job applications listing ITT degrees directly into the trash.
    You will be wasting your money.

  2. Peter

    I just read the answer you already got – recommending not to go to that ITT Institute.
    Well, there is not much more to say for that.
    But you might ask yourself how to proceed with some other kind of project management degree.
    Your best choice could be the Project Management Institute (PMI). They have the best overview over schools, colleges, universities and other entities who offer PM education with valuable degrees.
    In case you are not sure, just surf their site,, and collect info from there first. If it appeals to you then you could call them for further assistance.

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