Is Penn State a good school? Is it hard to get in to?

By | November 24, 2015

I plan on enrolling in their B.A. Psychology degree through their distant education program (online).

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7 thoughts on “Is Penn State a good school? Is it hard to get in to?

  1. cmtmg2012ND

    Religion and Spirituality.

    But to answer your question: yes, and not terribly.

  2. Derek

    I did time in the state pen. It wasn’t so bad.

    Check Penn State out on

  3. ???????????? Dorkus Maximus

    My dog keeps scratching his butt on the carpet, it’s driving me crazy.

  4. Bob Vila

    Wrong section.

    Its not a bad school, as public schools go, though. Not particularly hard to get into if you make decent grades and have slightly above average SAT/ACT’s.

    Realize that to really do anything (e.g. make any kind of money) with a Psychology degree, you are eventually going to need a PhD. If this type of thing really interests you, I would suggest looking into a business degree. A general management or marketing degree has a lot of psychology in it, and is a lot more marketable in the real world.

  5. christianman

    Yes it’s a great school, i suggest doing that.

  6. I Worship Charles Darwin

    Penn state is not a reach school or most. It is easier for residents of Pennsylvania to get in,m but either way it’s not too difficult. (Not to be confused with the ivy league university, Univ. of Pennsylvania) I’ve got no clue as to the difficulty of the online program, but I’m sure you can get in.

    Wrong section BTW

  7. Mj

    i would suggest you ask this question once more under the Proper section for Proper answers my friend..this place might scare the hell out of you..for better results re post your question in a diff section, probably under EDUCATION…

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