Is online/distance learning recognized as a normal degree?

By | November 18, 2015
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5 thoughts on “Is online/distance learning recognized as a normal degree?

  1. snopro73

    If you complete it through a recognized university, then yes, it is.

  2. eastacademic

    often no. Check with your state to see if they are certified.

  3. echineselearning

    If you need a degree to appove your study and ability, I think you should not choose online or distance schools. And if you have to choose one of them to support your studying, you’d better to check it with local authority to confirm whether it is certified or not. Actually, the online or distance schools are becomong more and more standardized and complete.If you are stuck by your job or your housework, you can choose a certified online or distant school to go on your education.

  4. sweetdiva731

    You must check to see if the school that provides the degree is accredited through one of the accrediting organizations recognized either by the Council on Higher Education or by the United States Department of Education. If it is accredited by one of those, then technically it is a valid college degree. Just be careful of many of these online universities that aren’t accredited. In that case, then your degree isn’t worth the paper on which it’s printed.

    But, the cause of concern is that there is still a negative stigma attached with some of the “online only” universities, such as Walden and University of Phoenix (both, of which, are accredited colleges). Some employees prefer to have their graduates come from a traditional college with face-to-face courses because they think online learning does not provide the same quality as sitting in a classroom.

    There are many colleges or universities with a strong tradition of face-to-face education that provide distance learning degrees, such as University of Maryland Baltimore County and University of Texas Austin. Most of these schools no longer place “distance education” on permanent transcripts, so a person looking at the transcript wouldn’t know if the student earned his/her degree in a classroom environment or online.

  5. dbackssss

    Absolutely it is….it all comes down to the accreditation of the school. In most cases the degree does not even say “Online” just the name of the school, etc….when was the last time an employer even asked to see your degree? They ask if you have one at times.

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