Is online junior high homeschooling bad?

By | October 17, 2015

It’s not possible for anyone in my family to homeschool. Is online still a good education though?

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2 thoughts on “Is online junior high homeschooling bad?

  1. yakngirl

    Probably not for middle school. Who will answer your questions and guide you through your studies?

  2. Sweet Love

    No it is not, I am a Junior in high taking online classes at Connection Academy and it is a blast!!!! this homeschooling is the best and it is for free. Connection Academy, you can go on field trips and meet people as well, and you can meet other school mates on the Internet, They provide you Computer, books and so much more for free. They have clubs that you can attend on line. Go online and check out Connection Academy.
    The BEST SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!
    Oh and one more thing she does not have to be your learning couch sense we have help from other teachers. =)
    They are the best and very nice. =)

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