Is my GPA bad, I have a GED?

By | December 12, 2015

I have a GED. I am currently looking in to going to college and, i trying to figure out my GPA. My average GED score is a 480. From what I could find online my GPA is 2.7. ( If I am wrong and someone could figure it out please let me know.) Is this a bad GPA? I really want to go and get my associates degree in nursing. Please help me with this thank you in advance for all your help?

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2 thoughts on “Is my GPA bad, I have a GED?

  1. Nicholas

    It’s still possible to go to college.My advice just go to a smaller college like community for now.Work hard earn your AA degree then go for your BA.2.7 is low but it doesn’t mean you can’t go to college.Or for that matter expand your mind

  2. multiplicationfacts

    Your GED score cannot be equated to a GPA since GPA is the average of the grades you earned in your credit courses in high school.

    However, on you GED test report it should have a percentage listed. (or percentile)
    That tells how well you did compared to high school seniors who took the same test.

    A 480 means you did better than around half of the high school seniors who did not get a GED but finished regular high school. That’s good!

    Call around or email some colleges and tell them your situation. Some accept a GED, some don’t. The other poster was right, most community colleges don’t care and if you work hard there and get good grades, then you can trasfer someplace else.

    Good luck,

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