Is it really possible to become a surgical physician assistant, or even a doctor using online college?

By | August 20, 2015

maybe something like whether its a regionally or nationally accredited online university
for the first 4-6 years. . . for example retrieving the Health Science degree first this way

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4 thoughts on “Is it really possible to become a surgical physician assistant, or even a doctor using online college?

  1. sugar baby

    I sure as hell hope not. I would not want someone in charge of my health and my life that took any online Health Science classes. I do not think any real important careers should be available by online classes. It is too easy to cheat and not really learn anything. Online classes allow people to use books during tests. You do not have to actually learn or memorize anything, just be good at looking things up quickly. You can also have someone else take the tests for you. I think online degrees are a joke. Occasional online classes for the basic, or core, classes is fine, but not when you get into the more specialized classes.

    Online classes are somewhat of a scam. You pay tuition to teach yourself. Colleges make big money off of people that do online classes because they do not have to have falculty to actually teach or provide a room for the students. They just have to have someone that will hand out an agenda.

  2. queen iceis future PhD

    a lot of traditional universities offer online programs. start with your local schools and inquire about distance education programs.


    click on the masters in molecular diagnostic science link

  3. brother3

    no way! Medicine is a practical science which involve to human life not only need to learn all the knowledge in book and also need touch the real things;such as anatomy you need to touch the real thing;human body.As I know no online course offer this field.Do you know how hard to get in a medical school?

  4. stinkinggenius2003

    There are a number of PA programs that are on-line based

    My wife attends a program at North Dakota University that is on-line

    Keep in mind you still do your clinicals in person with your preceptor Doctor and you have 4 one month sessions on campus. This program is designed for health care professionals with a bachelors and experience and is very accelerated.

    By the way for those who think that online is a joke – you should actually watch an online lecture – then you will understand how much better it is – you have control and can repeat anything you want on your time allowing greater understanding and better notes.

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