Is it possible to transfer to UC Berkeley/UCLA or UC San Diego from the University of Texas El Paso?

By | December 1, 2015

I am Economics majors first year in University of Texas El Paso. UTEP is a Tier 4 university and the above mentioned universities are all Tier 1 universities. So will these universities accept the courses I took in my first year. As I really want to transfer in a highly ranked university in California.

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3 thoughts on “Is it possible to transfer to UC Berkeley/UCLA or UC San Diego from the University of Texas El Paso?

  1. TexHabsfan

    I suggest you talk to an advisor at all of those schools.
    It’s a lot easier if you stay within the UT system though.

  2. the_unluckiest

    It is possible if you have a strong application showing excellent (not just good or average) first year grades at UT and equally excellent high school grades. Just request transfer application packages and then check their requirements and criteria for transfers. Also, I highly recommend that you try to get interviews at each school so that you can let them get to know you better than what’s written on your application.

  3. Cam B

    Hi, I’m a UCLA alum, and I transferred in from a much lower-ranked school without problem. Just so you know, the UC schools do not accept transferes at all until they’ve reached junior status – so you need to do your first two years at UTEP. Which is actually fine, because the application deadline for next year passed at the end of last November anyway. And that means you have 10 months to build your case for admission and make the deadline that’s applicable to you.

    As an out-of-state student (I’m assuming you’re not from CA, so ignore this if I’m wrong) – it is harder to get in, but certainly not impossible. Work hard where you are, stay involved in community service and/or activities, research, etc. and give a lot of thought to why you want to go to their specific school. Looking back at my situation, I’m reasonably confident that my personal statement is what got me in, because my record certainly wasn’t anything to tapdance about. It’s about creating a whole picture of who you are as an applicant, what you hope to accomplish and what you could bring to the school. Everything you need to know (for UCLA) is here:

    If you get to choose, I’d rank these as 1. Cal, 2. UCLA, 3. UCSD.

    Good luck!!!

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