Is Distance Learning really a feasible degree option?

By | September 6, 2015

I have received through a local community college through distance learning courses, I have seen the Association. I heard that, by taking distance education classroom discipline, need to take more than the regular classes, but my work, my child, I can not believe I can swing between classes on a regular basis. Are there people here to participate in distance education courses, but it is very difficult? Have any suggestions?

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5 thoughts on “Is Distance Learning really a feasible degree option?

  1. aminwiththeoutcrowd

    I had several Distance Learning courses – and they were no harder than any of the other regular classes. Maybe my definition of Distance Learning is different from yours, however, but I still had to attend class as regularly as any other course. The only thing that made it different was that the instructor was in a different city than the class – and he was remoted in via camera. The interaction was a little tougher – but if the teacher is a good one he tries really hard to keep the remote class engaged. Good luck with your pursuit! It’s definitely worth the sacrifice in the end.

    Edit: I was just thinking about your question. Did you mean taking classes via internet? If so, be very certain how your school defines their courses. Here, Distance Learning is what I describe above. Internet courses are a whole different deal. I have taken some of those, too. I did not like it at all for classes that I needed more guidance in – like math. It was fine for English – just a bunch of papers and that was no biggie. Most instructors are good about answering your questions promptly, but it is still harder. I also have little or no discipline and put things off. It made it hard, but it is do-able. If it is a matter of time and sitting arrangements, keep in mind that a lot of the smaller community colleges are flexible about bringing your child to classes (like night classes – they realize you are a non-traditional student and have different issues than younger, more traditional students). Just talk to the enrollment officer and be sure your definitions are the same and ask about flexibility. Some even have day or evening care for children while parents are in class. Good luck!

  2. john alasdair

    It really depends on the person. It is difficult, but feasible, and what’s more, distance education is exactly for people like you. Check if they have a mentor program or study groups, where you can meet with actual people who’d put a little pressure on you, although you’re not “really” attending classes.

    And, of course, good luck!

  3. Jenny K

    i have a masters degre done part time by distance. it is hard work, because there are no classes to attend to help with discipline, but it is totally do-able. (i admit to not having any children, but I know my mum did the same) :)

  4. tote4teachers

    I completed a master’s degree on-line. It was not that different from taking a traditional course other than not having a classroom full of students sitting next to you. You do have to make the commitment to discipline yourself, because your work is usually not due to the end of the week and you can let it get by you if you are not careful to schedule and manage your time effectively.

    After my first class I did realize that I had to set a particular time each evening to help me keep on task with assignments. Trying to complete a week’s worth of work the night before is not a good approach whether in a traditional class or on line. I also made everyone in my family aware of this “study time”. My time was right after my children went to bed, for 1-2 hours, four days a week. I usually put in more time but I made that commitment to myself and it worked.

    Due to my experience it has prompted my to create a web portal for the on line teaching community. Some of the contributors to the site will be prospective, current and past on line students. I hope you will use the site to help you achieve your goal to complete your degree.

    Benae Lambright
    Today’s Online Teacher Exchange

  5. draddkmd

    Distance Learning can be taken as an easy option to study. It is easier to study through distance learning as you can conveniently study at your own convenient time. However, this mode of study calls for study of long hours by self and risk is one’s own as nobody can help you except if you appoint a tutor for yourself in the specific subject as and when required. I too had taken my MBA through distance learning and I found it is tough but it will be good if you can keep aside some time for study by yourself and with strict ideas about such ventures.
    I hope your doubt is cleared.

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