Is CTY Distance Learning worth it?

By | November 12, 2015

My teachers nominated e for the CTY Talent search, where you take the SAT way before the average age (i’m 12) and if you score well enough on it you get put into an online course for “exceptionally gifted children”, and its supposed to be really good but for three months its six hundred bucks. Is it worth it for people that have taken it before?

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2 thoughts on “Is CTY Distance Learning worth it?

  1. mohammedali basheer

    CTY Talent Search benefits offered by the insitution are the following.

    Assess a student’s high academic talents and/or reveal previously unrecognized abilities
    Receive statistical data about Talent Search participant’s test scores by grade
    Be recognized by Johns Hopkins University for academic talent via certificates (and state awards ceremonies if qualified)
    Receive email news items for gifted students and their families, as well as updates on CTY’s programs
    Gain access to CTY’s rewarding Family Academic Programs
    Potentially qualify for hundred of courses offered by CTY’s Summer Programs and Distance Education.

    In my opinion it is worth the money and time spent.

  2. ihopeihelped

    Joining CTY has some benefits other than distance learning. These include academic conferences at different universities. I’ve gone to a few of these with my son, and we both found them valuable. They have summer camps. If you scores exceptionally high on the SAT, they have a group called STET with a few more benefits. My son took a distance course in math, and we did not find it worthwhile. If you qualify for CTY, you can enroll in distance learning. I think you can get a refund if you do not like the class. Have your parents look into this possibility. That way, you don’t lose anything if distance learning is not for you. Good luck!

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