Is Barry University a good School for Nursing?

By | August 10, 2015

I am planning to get my Nursing degree BSN. Ie a previous BA degree in Sociology and a AA pre-med Chemisty. UM and Barry they both have fast track preograms for people who has previos BA degree. Can anybody tell me about the price of the programs (I know UM is about $40,000 for the full program), but I have no clue about Barry. I am applying to both but UM requires too many papers!!!!!! Please help me. Thanks.

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  1. Kevin

    Q: Can anybody tell me about the price of the programs?
    A: I imagine they charge per credit hour as many universities do, regardless of the specific program you’re enrolled in, however, cost per credit hour at Barry is: $845

    Q: Is Barry University a good School for Nursing?
    A: Good for what type of student? I don’t know you nor do I know your personality.

    Let me be honest, it’s not terribly important where you get your BSN (don’t pay too much, it’s not worth it) however what you want to be sure and do is find out what the school’s NCLEX passing percentage is i.e. how many graduates of the nursing program successfully completed the national nursing test (NCLEX). I’ve supplied you with a link which you may use to compare passing rates at different nursing schools in FL. If your school is not listed then contact the individual program directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

    Schools with very high pass rates, like Barry (91.9%), suggest a rigorous and demanding curriculum. That may or may not be what you’re looking for… Students enrolled in such a program must meet very stringent demands, the assignments and exams are probably intense, you may feel that too much is being asked of you, students are expected to conform i.e. strict attendance, tardiness not tolerated, group projects, etc. They often have higher passing percentages on the NCLEX because they weed out the weaker students so effectively during the course i.e. many students won’t graduate.

    Schools with very low pass rates suggest a less structured program which you may or may not like i.e. you’ll engage in more independent study and learning, less oversight and direction from instructors. Students enrolled in such a school may flunk out or not pass the NCLEX because they are unmotivated and/or are poor independent learners. These schools will consequently have higher graduation rates because they don’t aggressively weed out the weaker students who are then ill prepared for the NCLEX. Many students end up taking it 2 or 3 times in order to pass.

    So, there are several things to consider when deciding which school is better or “best.” Best for YOU is really what you want to think about. What is important to you? Does the school atmosphere work for you’? Visit each school and take a tour. Ask to talk to some faculty and students. Does the school feel “too big and impersonal” or “too small, without enough support”?

    Consider distance as well. How far is the school (and the hospitals used for clinical rotations) from your home in TIME as well as in MILES (fuel consumption). Clinicals often start @6:45 am. Remember, time spent in traffic is time unavailable for other things like studying, writing papers and childcare (if you have a child) TIME is going to become a VERY important commodity while in any training curriculum so distance to and from school and clinicals may have a significant impact on your GPA and your ability to meet deadlines.

    How are the clinicals scheduled? Will you go every week and if so then how many actual hours will you be assigned? To become a confident nurse you’ll need adequate clinical experience as well as book work to prepare you for the NCLEX.

    Does the school offer a mentoring program? What kind of tutoring is available?
    What is the credit per hour cost? Adds up quite quickly if you’re the one paying especially if you’re applying as an out of state student.
    What kind of student aid will you qualify for if any?
    Is there a rental program for text books or are you forced to buy them all?
    What online classes are offered? They can be great for getting many prerequisites out of the way but not so great for the actual nursing classes.

    Once there, if you find you need help or advice look for a study group, mentor, or online support group at the school you’re attending. Best of luck in your future educational endeavors.

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