Is anyone aware of a great resource for the prospective student of an online university?

By | November 16, 2015

I’m considering taking some college courses online. Are there any resources out there that may make my decision as to which university to attend a simpler?

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3 thoughts on “Is anyone aware of a great resource for the prospective student of an online university?

  1. Chuckles

    Schools like University of Phoenix, ITT Tech, DeVry, Kaplan and others are “for profit” schools. Also known as “proprietary schools”. They tend to be very expensive, the qualifications of the instructors range from very good to awful and their credits are seldom transferable. In addition, most employers only consider candidates from these schools if there are no suitable applicants from a more traditional school.

    These schools offer a lot of online programs and this is not to say that online programs are bad. They are not. Some are very good. Even the for profit schools can give you a reasonable education. There are many people who have graduated from these schools and started to make a good living. My objection is that the education they give you is incredibly expensive compared to traditional and non-profit schools, whether online or not. Overall experience is that grads from these schools take a fair bit longer to find jobs than grads from more traditional schools and they have a lot more debt.

    Other on line schools like UCLA Extension or Athabasca University in Canada are fully accredited and seen to be excellent ways to get an education. Basically, what you want is the online division of a traditional accredited university to get an online degree that counts for something.

    As for going to the classroom courses offered by these for profit schools, even the claimed to be bachelors level courses the for profit schools offer are considered at best by employers to be on par with what you get from a community college. However, a community college will be far cheaper and community college credits are transferable to a 4 year university in most cases. Credits from the for profit schools seldom will transfer anywhere. The for profit schools even mention this in their TV ads, at least here in California.

    That is, few other schools will accept credits from them. However, it appears that Point Park University in Pittsburgh may accept some credits from proprietary schools. See, and

    I have heard many stories from people who have gone to these for profit schools who have been left with a bigger debt than many graduates from a traditional 4 year university while still not being able to get a job. I personally know a part time instructor for one of these schools and he had to quit after two semesters as he could not keep his mouth shut any longer about how expensive it was compared to a community college.

  2. Vaiveahtoish

    No one is here for charity so if any school charges bit more than the other and offer quality education then that money is worth spending. As every person has its own opinion and no one can impose their on others. So you got to choose at the end which way you want to go. Colleges like UOP, Kaplan are providing education from a very long time. So there must be something good they might be imparting that they have been working since a long time.

  3. Larry

    You can easily compare info about these schools in this site –

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