Is an online college just as good as going to regular college classrooms?

By | September 18, 2015

Also do they cost more? Do they provide the same studies and educations? I’m only 21, have two kids, work full time, and I’m looking to pursue my bachelor degree in Human Resource Management any advice on an online degree and how much that would cost me?

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4 thoughts on “Is an online college just as good as going to regular college classrooms?

  1. mynamesdan

    as good? not in a million years.
    Cheaper? most certainly.

  2. Sarah B

    Welll it depends on what you are going to major in. Say you wanted to become a lawyer or a doctor, then you should definitely go to regular college. They won’t let you actually get a job unless you go to a real college. But overall regular college is better, there are real people to talk to if you have a problem. Plus you work your schedule around your children

  3. animated_25

    It depends on the school. I’ve taken both. I preferred the online classes at the University of Phoenix, but they did cost more than my local college. At my local college the online classes were taught as if it was a regular class and that didn’t work. People take online classes because it fits their schedules better so forcing people to be online at a certain time defeats that purpose. I wouldn’t recommend online classes if you think you will have trouble focusing without someone telling you what to do.

    As far as how much it will cost, it will depend on what school you decide on. I would recommend calling or emailing several schools. They usually allow tours both on campus and on their online school.

  4. Mr. Fantastic!

    Most of the time, no. Online colleges do not allow you to question lectures or the prof. The learning materials may be the same, but you will still need that personal interaction, Especially in a field of study that requires interaction with people.

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