Is an online bachelors in elementary education just as good earning a degree from a university on campus?

By | August 20, 2015

And when applying for a job as a teacher in Illinois, will an online degree be just a good?

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7 thoughts on “Is an online bachelors in elementary education just as good earning a degree from a university on campus?

  1. BackSLAP

    Honestly no, employers do not enjoy reading that you graduate over the internet. Though, it still is a feasible option.

  2. TA

    Check with your state teacher accrediting agency to see if they accept the degree to give you a teaching license in that state. Some states don’t recognize certain online schools for this!

  3. Eaf F

    No. The field of education requires strong oral communication skills and those will not be developed through an online degree program.

  4. craziglueforever

    I agree with the others. Though online might work better for your life style it is sort of looked down on. Especially if the schools is not accredited. I am sure there are some online courses you may be able to take while earning your BA at a University. Especially if your looking to go into education you will want to have a good relationship with your Advisor so they can help you take the right internships, etc.

  5. Kristin

    No! Do not earn your degree on-line you will need to learn much more than they can provide you with. I am going thought a masters of teaching program right now and I know several people in the same program that went through an on-line program and could not find jobs they were informed that most school districts will never accept degrees from on-line schools so they had to pay twice as much for a useless degree. I hope this helps good luck!

  6. iSpeakTheTruth

    You wont be able to do the entire program online, just portions of the degree plan. Most of it being general ed requirements. Elem education requires practicum experience. No way in h*ll you can do that online. Any program promoting such a thing is a sham and wont allow you to get licensed. No license = worthless.

  7. Ben

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