Is a psychology degreeONLINEgood idea?

By | October 26, 2015

Just finished my associates degree. My husbands in the military and we’re not close to a 4 year school, and dont have the money for a car and driving expenses. I can manage loans for my degree though! Would it be an alright idea to complete my bachelors online and then get back on campus for my masters and so forth? I have taken some oneline classes already and i have a 3.9 GPA for my associates so i know it wouldn’t be hard, but is it a good idea to finish my bachelors online to save some money. I plan to do volunteer work in a psychological setting so i keep my feet wet but do you think i will still get the same education if im applying myself as much as i am now?

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4 thoughts on “Is a psychology degreeONLINEgood idea?

  1. a_beautiful_wreck

    When I just read the question only I initially thought, why would you want to get a degree to help people in a way that kept you from people. Now I see you have that area covered with your volunteer ideas. Well thought out! Go for it, and good luck. :0)

  2. Zizi

    It should be OK, but make sure you do it with a reputable university – also contact the University and ask what their employability rate for this degree is and if you could speak with few graduates to find out more about the degree. This is to ensure that you really will get what you pay for, since some Universities do not bother to tell you when you enrol that you actually do need to visit the campus at least twice a week. My message is find out about the degree as much as you can before getting yourself enrolled.

  3. Yelila

    Online education is great so long as the degree comes from an accredited school. Check out your nearest community college to see if they offer online courses. Good luck.

  4. julvrug

    Psychology does involve internships or field experiences that would have to done in person. Find a college that would allow for this in your home town, many do not through on line degrees, which would mean you would have to do them in the state they are in. research the possibilities and make sure they are accredited in your home state, other wise the degree could be worthless.

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