Is a communications degree still useless?

By | September 20, 2015

I’m currently in school working to obtain a degree in communications from CSUN; I’ve notice on many of these boards there seems to be a very negative view towards this degree, or anything that isn’t an engineering or nursing degree for that matter. In addition to my degree I will also have 3.5 years of experience as a copywriter for an online retailer in addition to 2 years of journalism for the campus paper. Will this added experience on my resume make a significant improvement when applying for a job or will it still be the same worthless degree everyone makes it out to be?

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6 thoughts on “Is a communications degree still useless?

  1. jessica

    These days I feel like it is all about your experience! Those years you spent using your education will help you significantly. Keep doing as much hands on work as you possibly can and you will stand out above the others. Many people can get a degree, but few go above and beyond the scholastic part and receive knowledge of the career like you have. don’t give up!

  2. Brenda

    Communications degrees have ALWAYS been thought of as impractical. The field is tight. I would STRONGLY suggest you earn a practical Master’s degree to balance out the impracticality of your undergraduate choice: I.e., MBA, MEd, MD, JD, PhD, etc.

  3. Michael Jones

    For many people it is a joke degree – but there are still many jobs to be had in the field. If you’re thinking you’ll just automatically get a job with a comm degree, you’re an idiot – but you sound like you’re doing the things that communication majors should excel in. Your work and campus experience will be a big help – your degree gets you into the pool of applicants, your experience will set you apart. That’s not unique to comm – pretty much standard practice for any liberal arts degree, really.

  4. Liz DeCroix

    lol you’ll be fine. I’m an English major and I faced similar scrutiny with my degree choice. I got a job easily. Your experience will definitely help too!

  5. Molly Jones

    I don’t know if a communications degree is worthless per say, so I’m sorry I can’t answer that question. But obviously some degrees are going to offer more opportunity for employment and job security than others, or offer a larger salary. But hey- those people might end up miserable. At least you seem to be doing something you’re interested in.
    If a college offers a certain academic school though, they obviously think their students will be able to do something with it, thus meaning it isn’t worthless. Have you talked to an advisor about career opportunities after you obtain your degree?
    Sorry this doesn’t answer your question as much as it was just me giving an opinion. Sorry, but all those people who think only a few types of college degrees are worth having make me mad! Haha.

  6. Marc

    Depends on the school, your concentration, and alumni connections.

    I go to one of the best comm schools in the country. I’m an Integrated Marketing major with a minor in Journalism. There is a 98% job placement or internship rate for my school upon graduation.

    Comm itself is VERY broad, but when you have excellent experiences, your reference letters practically write themselves.

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