I’m a single mommy that works full time and wants to go to an online school for Psychology…?

By | October 6, 2015

I’ve herd many things and talked to many different colleges. I have a friend that has her Masters in the field of Psychology. I’m nervous that I wouldn’t be taken seriously with an online degree. Not to mention my friend tipped me off that Maryland is picky and wanted me to make sure that the college I picked is APA certified. Apparently through some blogs between different Masters in the field felt that if I held a BA degree or even a Master’s degree, showing an ONLINE University that employers would laugh and take the next guy that took the time to actually go to the College and have hands on training. It’s perfectly reasonablee, I understand that may be true but with my circumstances it’s impossible to attend in person…Please if anyone could give me insight and possibly some links to Online Psychological Colleges that Maryland would accept…I would be forever grateful because I can’t seem to find anything that etches any one school in stone for being safe (as in I can get a job with time time and loads of money I will pay for my degree) in Maryland to guarantee my degree isn’t a joke to everyone but me…

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One thought on “I’m a single mommy that works full time and wants to go to an online school for Psychology…?

  1. bluegoat114

    There is no accredited school for totally on-line psychology. Many bricks and mortar schools offer some courses on-line. Investigate those. To practice as a psychologist you will need at least a master’s degree…..attendance in person in class…remember it’s psychology…interacting with others! Programs must be APA accredited…go to apa.org to read more. (psychology professor)

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