If I wish to enter the Federal law enforcement, what degree would help me the most in getting hired?

By | October 11, 2015

I’m currently military police in the US Marine Corps, and plan on starting my college education ASAP. My desire is to become a federal law enforcement special/field agent for the US Marshall’s, DEA, or FBI, and I’m unsure as to which degree(s) would help me attain a job in these agencies.
What about attaining a Bachelor’s degree online? Would that be viewed as a lesser degree as compared to an on-campus path?

Please, I’d like some guidance from anyone with experience in these fields.
Semper Fi.

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3 thoughts on “If I wish to enter the Federal law enforcement, what degree would help me the most in getting hired?

  1. 4 Gram Blunts

    If you’re going into law enforcement, you definitely want a criminal justice major, with a minor in psychology. That would be ideal.

  2. HD

    any 4 year degree will work. a good friend of mine has his degree in music and he’s a u.s. secret service agent. a law or accounting degree is preferred for the fbi though.

  3. J.W.

    You should choose a major that interests you, that is marketable, and that could be useful for law enforcement work. Many people that want to become law enforcement officers choose criminal justice or something similar as their college major. However, many people would suggest choosing a different major. There are many good majors for law enforcement officers and people that want to become law enforcement officers. Accounting, computer science, a foreign language, and law are some examples. I would consider choosing a foreign language such as Spanish or a computer related major. When choosing a major, consider what you might want to do if you decide not to become a law enforcement officer or if you can’t become a law enforcement officer. It is great that you are planning on getting a degree. Getting a degree is one of the best things that you can do. Whatever major you choose, make the most of your time. For example, make sure to choose a school that is properly accredited and get the highest grade point average that you can. Getting law enforcement officer jobs is becoming more and more competitive. However, all else being equal, a candidate that is a veteran with a college degree has a very good chance of getting hired. If you choose an accredited and reputable college or university, it won’t matter whether you took classes online or on campus. Best of luck!

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