If I wanna go to MEd School but went to college online?

By | December 4, 2015

I went to college for my BA online. I earned a BA in Child and Family Development.

My dream has always been to go to medical school.

I took a number of online science courses, with Lab.

If I took the MCAT and blew it out of the water, do you think they would excuse my lack of Pre-Reqs?

Or do you think I would be laughed of the water?

Be Honest.

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5 thoughts on “If I wanna go to MEd School but went to college online?

  1. Ryan M

    Pretty much laughed at since online degrees, unless from a MAJOR traditional university (University of Phoenix is NOT a traditional university for example), are pretty much a joke in the professional world. Many are not worth the paper they are printed on.
    Also, you MUST have the pre-reqs. Your application will not even be bothered with without them. Even if you scored perfect on the MCATS.

  2. Why Can't I Have Nice Things?

    you need lots and lots of science courses so yes, your online degree in child and family development with a ‘number pf science courses” is invalid. you should go to an accredited university and get a bachelors in biology/ chemistry if you really want to be a doctor.

    this is just the minimum of what medical school requires

  3. dd k

    One of the hardest thing you’re going to face is that you will lack recommendations from professors who know you well. You will be up against applicants who did extensive research and worked closely with professors in the lab, etc.

    If you do NOT have pre-reqs, there is a good chance that they will toss your application out. There are way too many applicants who have the pre-reqs, experience and MCATs etc. They have the luxury of being selective.

    However, if you have a STELLAR (near perfect) MCAT, then you WILL get noticed. Nevertheless, the fact you’re an online student will come up in interviews. A friend of mine scored in the top 95 percentile on her MCATS, but the fact that she took a leave of absence due to anxiety came up in the interviews. Only two med schools accepted her out of the 10 she applied.

  4. just juli

    Got to agree with the other responses. If you really want to go to Medical School, since you already hold a Bachelors, make an appointment to meet with a counselor/admissions advisor at a state university. See what credits/courses from your online degree they will accept towards a B.S. in something science-related. Let them know you are interested in attending Medical School and see what they can advise for you.

    I would NOT try and apply to Medical School without a college degree from an accredited and respected university…no matter what your MCAT scores are. They look at the whole picture, not just the MCAT.

  5. Simpson G

    You would not even be considered. You HAVE to finish your pre-med req’s with an accredited university. The Med School would thank you for submitting your MCAT to them and tell you to come back in 2 years once you finished your pre-med.

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