If I decide to earn my degree online, can I still use my scholarship?

By | August 5, 2015

In general, are scholarships accepted at online-only colleges and universities?

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3 thoughts on “If I decide to earn my degree online, can I still use my scholarship?

  1. Donald B

    The online college or university will accept it. Depending on the scholarship, the organization giving the scholarship may not allow you to use it for an online degree.

  2. Vaiveahtoish

    It depends upon the scholarship you have earned. Also it depends upon the type of university you are selecting. Whether they accept scholarship if they do then do they accept that type of scholarship. In general some universities accept scholarship and some don’t so check with the college you are going for.

  3. Mark

    You need to look at the terms of your scholarship. I’m sure your university will be happy to take money from anyone so if you have a scholarship from a local business, your parents employer, or somewhere else it shouldn’t be a problem getting the university (online or not) to take the check.

    However, the people who are actually putting up the money can specify anything they want. For example, some scholarships will only pay money if you go to an in state school. Others stipulate that you have to study a certain subject. Some require you to attend a school accredited by a specific accrediting agency.

    In general if you are going to an accredited school with real classrooms and professors, but you just happen to take your classes online, there probably won’t be any problem. If you want to attend a school that might look a bit suspicious and doesn’t have any real physical presence the scholarship committee might be a little hesitant.

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