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Sorry guys, this is going to be a little long.

I am 24 yo, with an Assoc. Degree in Fashion Marketing and Management (grad. 2003). Pretty much, I am not working on my field because I was never interested (entered college at 16yo- maybe i was too young to take things seriously), and the chances of going back to college is 0 to none because I dont know what to study, have bad credit etc. I’m stock in a dead end job and feel like there’ has to be more out there I can be learning and experiencing. I was married to a US Marine (active-9 yrs) and I mentioned him the thoughts of me joining the service a couple of times but he always convenced me not to. Last night, I went to bed at 3;30am (to wake up at 6am) because I couldnt stop thinking about it. I feel like I have nothing to lose and so much to gain. I wrote down on a piece of paper why should and shouldnt join. Turns out I have 27 reasons to join and only 4 I shouldnt. I have 2 sisters (profesionals) and I feel like a loser because I havent acomplished anything I, nor my family, could be proud of. I want to challenge myself, travel, hungry to learn etc. I already filled out the form online for more information, but I’m curious about my age and my reasons to want to join. I havent spoken to anyone about this, because they wouldnt expect this from me (most people think im the clown of the crowd/clumpsy/weak/even dumb/irresponsible). Can someone help me please? Am I too old to join? Maybe Im just trying to escape my real life, but this is not the first time I’ve thought of this. Is the military for certain type of people (strong will/not lazy) or do they really make you be that way?
Any advices or info will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I do want to study and learn, but not in a reg college. I feel that’s not for me anymore. I dont want to get another student loan (if i still qualif w my credit) when I dont even know what to study (make same mistake again). Plus, this economy is horrible right now and finding another dead end job will be hell. I want to focus on something and know that I’ll be working on the field once I’m done. I want to proof myself I can do it, I want to be proud of myself and make my family proud.

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  1. Internet Gangstarr

    just join. dont listen to anyone else.
    everyone has their own reasons. no one can tell you your reasons to join are wrong, if they do, dont listen.

    just go talk to a recruiter.

  2. Charles Veidt

    There’s nothing wrong with joining the service. It’s a good career path.

    The best thing to do is to look up the nearest recruitment center for whatever branch you’re interested in. It should be easy to find in the phone book. The recruiter will be able to answer all of your questions and advise you on what you need to do.

  3. Benjie Bentley IV

    Join the Army as a Human resource Specialist or Broadcasting /Journalist Specialist or a Combat Medic!

  4. Joe

    If you don’t want to “study” anymore, the military us not for you. The first 8 months to 3 years will be spent in training. Then the rest of your career will be learning your job. Basically, while in the military, studying is all you do. GO BACK TO COLLEGE!!! Do yourself the favor.

  5. the_shadow_warrior97

    well honestly i say dont i have convinced people out of joining the sevice beforre and dont but the final disicion is up to u but do u really want the five to 6 long years of basic training then if u decide to stay ur there for wars then u se alot of grusome stuff that i dont think anyone would like to see so i say no dont do something like something with something like try going back to school for piloting air buses

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