I want to go to college for computer engineering technology???

By | November 23, 2015

I want to go to college for computer engineering technology but I don’t know what I should do as of now to prepare. I don’t know much about them yet, but I want to learn so bad and don’t know where to start. I’ve looked at possible online courses but they all confuse me and there are so many, that I am kind of having a hard time knowing what to do first. Where should my learning start? What should I do first?


Do you have to know a certain amount of things and skills with computers before you go?

Thank you.

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One thought on “I want to go to college for computer engineering technology???

  1. Amy

    In response to your first question, I would undoubtedly say you should prepare a firm foundation for yourself in math. If you really get math, your science and engineering classes will be much, much easier. Start with algebra and trigonometry, linear algebra, calculus, differential equations, complex analysis, and however much you can cram in your brain until you get to college. Studying programming languages will help quite a bit as well, and logic. A good place to start is C – it’s a very simple, straightforward language. Look up C compilers and text editors, download one for free, and get started. Java is also a good place to start, in which case a good free compiler is Eclipse.

    I didn’t have any computer or math skills before I began my double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. I had just switched my major from architecture which didn’t require much in the way of math or science. My classes started with the assumption that I didn’t know anything, and built up from there. You should do fine if you work hard. Good luck.

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